‘O Canada’ House Luxury Vancouver Bed and Breakfast

O Canada House has a long history in the heart of downtown Vancouver. Our current incarnation as a Bed and Breakfast is little more than a decade old. Please explore our Bed and Breakfast and its history as part of Canada’s dynamic West Coast. Welcome to Vancouver and enjoy your stay in “Lotusland.”

Becoming the Bed and Breakfast

O Canada House was saved from the wrecking ball in 1995 by its history, architecture, and notable heritage home restorers, Jim Britton and Mike Brown. If Ewing Buchan had not penned one of the first English versions of the National Anthem, or O Canada House’s architecture was less exceptional, the City of Vancouver may not have placed the property on its Heritage ‘A’ List of buildings to protect. Learn how a private residence became a bed and breakfast oasis in the heart of downtown Vancouver…

History of O Canada House

O Canada House was built in 1897 and here Ewing Buchan would pen one of the first English versions of Canada’s National Anthem in 1908. A century later in 1997, O Canada House would be awarded the prestigious “City of Vancouver Heritage Award of Honour” for outstanding refurbishment of its Queen Anne-style exterior and lavish interior. Enhance your stay by learning the history of O Canada House…